4 Big Reasons to Have a Micro Wedding

Long gone are the days when you had to have a big wedding. The popularity of micro weddings is on the rise in North Carolina. Part of the reason is the necessity of keeping it small due to the coronavirus pandemic. But there are other reasons to have a micro wedding.


What are micro weddings?

micro weddings

Let’s start with the definition. Micro weddings are small-scale weddings. While there is no official rule as to how many guests constitutes a micro wedding, anything with fewer than 50 guests would be considered a small wedding. These weddings are often less costly because you simply focus on the essentials.


It’s important to note that a micro wedding doesn’t mean you won’t have a reception and a good time. You’ll still get to enjoy the food, drinks and wedding music but on a smaller scale than with a typical North Carolina wedding.


The 4 benefits of micro weddings


What are the benefits of keeping it small? Your micro wedding could come with these four superb benefits:


1. You can control the costs


As mentioned, micro weddings tend to be a lot cheaper. You can control the cost because you are inviting fewer people and sticking to the most important elements that make a good wedding reception. You can get quality food, drinks and wedding music without it costing a fortune. Because you are focusing on including the essentials and things that actually matter to you, it allows you to put quality at the heart of your wedding.


2. You have fewer things to worry about


Planning a wedding can be stressful. But when you stick to the essentials, you cut down on the things you need to worry about. Micro weddings tend to skip things like elaborate decorations, signature cocktails, matching outfits, sand ceremonies and the like. Your only attention is in finding a nice place for your wedding, hiring a quality Mooresville wedding DJ to set the mood and sorting out the catering. It is possible to spend a lot less time on planning a micro wedding.


3. You can spend time with your guests


When your wedding has well over 100 guests, it can be almost impossible to talk to all of them beyond just greeting and thanking them for coming. With an intimate wedding, you actually get to spend time with your wedding guests. You would also have picked your nearest and dearest which means you can enjoy spending the moment with them.


4. You can do things you enjoy


A lot of big weddings include entertainment and things you might not really enjoy. We’re talking about the grand entrances and first dances. Not everyone likes them. With a micro wedding, you can set the tone and only do things you enjoy. For example, you can have an NC wedding DJ rocking out the tunes even if you don’t want to have a first dance. It is all up to you and a good DJ can set the mood even if you don’t want to take the center stage!


Plan your micro wedding


Having a micro wedding might be a necessity at the moment. But it doesn’t mean you are losing out. Many couples prefer to hold a micro wedding even if they could go for the big thing. The above benefits show that micro weddings won’t mean you lose out. In fact, you might just enjoy a more intimate affair.


If you want to find out more about micro weddings in Mooresville and how we could provide you with quality entertainment, contact us today!

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