5 Best Mother-Son Songs for Your Wedding

The mother-son dance is one of the most touching moments of a wedding reception. While couples often spend a lot of time choosing the song for their first dance, it’s just as important to pay attention to the parent-child dances. In the honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day, here are five great mother-son songs you could consider for your North Carolina wedding!


Forever Young by Rod Stewart


This song was written by Rod Steward for his two children. The lyrics talk beautifully about always staying kind and not losing sight of who you are – something all mothers want their sons, and daughters, to remember.

Sweetest Devotion by Adele


Adele’s songs are at the top of the wedding playlist for many couples. Sweetest Devotion is a fitting mother-son song because the charismatic artist wrote it for her own son. It’s a beautiful song that’ll capture the moment magically.



God Made You Beautiful by Beyoncé


Another strong mother singing a song for their child is Beyoncé with her God Mad You Beautiful. She wrote it for her daughter and the song’s lyrics talk about the beauty of children and how they make the world just right.


I’ll Always Love My Momma by The Intruders


If you’re looking for those upbeat mother-son songs, then you must check out this one by The Intruders. It has a funky melody that’s perfect for a choreographed dance to wow the crowds! It’s also a lovely song to remind your mother that you’ll always be her baby boy.


A Song for Mama by Boyz II Men


You can also get your groove on with this Boyz II Men classic. It’s a great way to show your mom some appreciation during the wedding ceremony. The song is a love song for all the hardworking moms out there and one of our favorite mother-son songs!


Tips for Choosing Mother-Son Songs

mother-son songs

The above song suggestions could work well for all sorts of mothers and sons. When you are choosing the mother-son songs, there are few tips that can help you with the process.


First, choose the song together with your parent! You could simply ask if the mother has ideas in terms of songs – they might have a favorite song that always reminds them of you. Including your mother into the selection process can make them feel extra special.


Alternatively, if you want, you can surprise them with the song. Think about a meaningful song and perhaps ask tips from your father or anyone else really close to your mother – just be ready for the tears to flow when your mother first hears the song!


Consider an instrumental version if you don’t think the lyrics are appropriate or fitting for the occasion. Sometimes you might love a tune and the sentiment of the music and it’s perfectly OK to go with an instrumental version.


You could also change the tune slightly. The best mother-son songs don’t have to be the ones played on the radio – you can pick an alternative version. Perhaps you love an upbeat song but it’s not ‘danceable’ enough. So pick a slower version! Your wedding DJ will be happy to help so just ask them for advice!


What would you love to have as your mother-son song? Share your favorite tunes!

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