5 Reasons to Opt for Open Booth Photo Booth

Having an open photo booth at your party is a trendy choice to make. Hudson Valley photo booth providers have a range of options for an open booth photo booth experience – the Magic Mirror Photo Booth is one of the current favorites.


But what makes an open booth photo booth such a good option? Why should you swap the clunky, closed photo booths to an open model? Here are five reasons opting for an open booth photo booth is a good idea.


1. Everyone can be involved

magic mirror photo booth

An open booth photo booth ensures everyone is part of the photo booth fun. The guests won’t just enter a box for a few minutes and then step out looking like they had a lot of fun. You’ll be there amongst other guests enjoying the photo booth!


2. Takes a lot less space

open booth photo booth

You will find it a lot easier to place the photo booth because an open booth will take a lot less space. The traditional photo booths can be clunky and occupy a big portion of your venue. Since size is not a problem, you’ll also have the advantage of placing the photo booth somewhere central – no longer does it need to be hidden away in a hallway.


3. Plenty of prop opportunities

hired photo booth

It’s a lot easier to have props when using an open booth photo booth. Space is not a problem – you don’t have to cram everything inside the booth. Instead, you can boxes of props next to the photo booth and guests can choose what to use.


4. An open booth photo booth is filled with modern treats

Talking about props, open booth photo booths are filled with cool modern treats. You don’t even need physical props, as you can simply use the in-booth props. With Magic Mirror Photo Booth, you can write text and choose digital props to be included in the photo. You could even add a green screen for a personalized background.

Furthermore, the modern photo booth always comes with a social element. These open booth photo booths allow you to share the photos instantly on social media!


5. You get more guests engaging with the booth

For the above reasons, your guests will be more willing and excited to use the photo booth. This is important because you don’t want to hire a photo booth only to have no one use it. But with a fun open booth photo booth, this won’t be a problem – you can guarantee people will be talking about the photo booth for year’s to come!


A photo booth is a great addition to your wedding or another party. If you want to maximize entertainment and cost-effectiveness, you definitely want to opt for the open booth photo booth. You and your guests are going to enjoy it and have lots of memories to share with each other long after the party has ended!


What do you love about the open booth photo booth? Let us know in the comments below!

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