5 Steps to Perfect Garden Wedding Photo Booth

Summer is fast approaching and if you’re in need of entertainment ideas, a garden wedding photo booth is a good pick. Organizing a garden wedding has its specific quirks you need to keep in mind and the same careful planning also applies to your photo booth. To help you out, here are five simple steps to the perfect garden wedding photo booth.


Step #1: Choose between a DIY and rental photo booth

garden wedding photo booth

Your first step is to choose between a DIY and a rental photo booth. We’ve written about the choice previously so read about the pros and cons of each option here.


What you need to know is that Hudson Valley photo booths come in all shapes and sizes. There are a lot of great options for a garden wedding – suitable for all party budgets. While a DIY photo booth can be cheaper, it can also be a lot more work to organize.


Step #2: Pick the right spot

garden wedding photo booth

You must think carefully where to place the photo booth. A garden wedding photo booth should be close to the action – right next to the dance floor is a good idea. You definitely don’t want it to be somewhere hidden or indoors if all the action is outside.


However, do consider the weather, as you would with any other entertainment aspect of an outdoor wedding. You want to have cover from the elements if things go wrong. Therefore, a tent or other such roofing solution is a good idea.


Step #3: Use a background

photo booth backdrop

You might want to take advantage of the beautiful garden in terms of the background. This isn’t a bad idea but you do want to have a clearly framed backdrop to the photos. This could be provided by nature – for example, a huge wooden trunk might work or you could use the barn doors as a backdrop.


But you could also DIY your background or pick something from the photo booth rental company. A backdrop adds structure and clarity to your photo booth.


Step #4: Think about the lighting

garden wedding photo booth

When taking photos outdoors, you have to keep in mind the lighting. Never have a garden wedding photo booth facing sunlight or you’ll end up with bad photos. Use the shade or cover above your photo booth to your advantage.


However, don’t forget natural light will diminish as the night goes on. If your photo booth is there long into the night, you need to have extra lights in the location to guarantee good photos.


Step #5: Add some props

Finally, you should add some props to your garden wedding photo booth. Use the location for inspiration. This means things like wildflowers, funny sunglasses and summer hats and so on. Inspire your guests to enjoy summer and the party!


Enjoying your garden wedding photo booth


Now it’s just time to enjoy the photo booth! Encourage your guests to use the photo booth and make sure to get them to share photos on social media. A digital photo booth often comes with the option to auto-share but you can always add a small sign of “How to tag photos online” next to your booth with DIY version.


What are your tricks and tips for a garden wedding photo booth? Let us know in the comments below!

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