5 Tips for a North Carolina Backyard Wedding

Hosting a North Carolina backyard wedding is a wonderful way to celebrate your love. But having your wedding party right in your own backyard can be a tricky challenge – but with these five tips, you are bound to succeed!


#1: Be Realistic

north carolina backyard wedding

First, you have to take a critical look of your North Carolina backyard and assess its qualities with an open mind. How many guests can you actually invite? What kind of food are you able to serve? What about wedding entertainment?


Planning is the key to any wedding success but it’s especially important with backyard weddings. So be realistic of what you can achieve – sort out things like the guest estimates, plan B’s for bad weather and your catering early on.


#2: Get the Cleaning Done Indoors Too

north carolina backyard wedding

Just because you’re holding a backyard wedding, doesn’t mean you want the indoor areas to be messy. While your main decorative focus should be outside, you should get proper cleaning done indoors too. Hire a good North Caroline cleaner if you want less stress!


#3: Get Cover and a Dance Floor

north carolina backyard wedding

You’ll need two big things to make your North Carolina backyard wedding great: a tent to protect from the weather and a dance floor to make dancing better. The tent can open-wall if you want, the main thing is to have a bit of coverage from the elements.


With the dance floor, you guarantee everything can have a good time. Dancing your first dance on the lawn is not fun! Creating a small dance floor in the backyard won’t be difficult – your North Carolina DJ might have lots of tips for you.


#4: Don’t Forget the Lights

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You might be planning for a daytime party but you’ll most likely end up dancing the night away! You should think about lighting your backyard and not just the immediate areas of your porch. String lights, candles and all sorts of LED solutions will work perfectly.


#5: Get the Games Going

wedding games

One great entertainment tips for a North Carolina backyard wedding is none other than lawn games. Giant Jenga towers, croquette and even poker tables are all fun ways to ensure your guests can have a good time even they aren’t eating or dancing. Lawn games are also perfect for keeping the kids entertained!


Bonus Tip for Your North Carolina Backyard Wedding

north carolina backyard wedding

We have one final tip for you for making your backyard wedding magnificent and that involves creating memories! You want to consider hiring a wedding photographer or a wedding photo booth for the reception. This will allow your wedding guests to take lots of photos that’ll warm your heart for years to come.


A Wonderful Way to Celebrate Love


A backyard wedding is a great way to organize an intimate wedding reception and our North Carolina weather is perfect for it with wonderful spring, summer and autumn seasons. You’ll be able to save a lot of money and create a beautiful atmosphere that still manages to impress your wedding guests – so get planning!


Do you have a tip for hosting a North Carolina backyard wedding? Let us and our readers know!

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