6 Reasons To Add a Mirror Me Photobooth to Your Party

Organizing a party? Whether you are creating the perfect secret birthday party to your loved one or planning your Hudson Valley wedding, you should consider adding a photobooth to your party – and not just any kind of photo booth. Here are the six reasons to add a Mirror Me Photobooth to your party.


1. Entertainment AND memories


mirror me photobooth

When you add a photobooth to your party, you’re not just adding instant entertainment for your friends and family. You are also giving them something to take with them as a party favor. So, your guests get to have a good time taking photos with the Mirror Me Photobooth, but also take home the photos as a memory of the fun time they had.


2. You don’t need to lift a finger


Organizing a party is not easy – there are a lot of things to keep in mind. By adding a Mirror Me Photobooth as entertainment, you will take away some of this burden. You just need to find a Hudson Valley photobooth provider, check the rates, make a contract and have a good time at the party! It’s super simple entertainment and you don’t need to do a lot to get it all organized.


3. Share on social media


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Everyone loves a bit of social media and there’s nothing better than sharing your fun times with people online. The Mirror Me Photobooth makes it easy because you can instantly share your photos on social media – if you are throwing a party then don’t forget to set a hashtag the guests can use to share their snaps!


4. You can customize the photos


The Mirror Me Photobooth is different than others out there in terms of customization – you can add features in your photos. This includes things like personalized texts or images. These ensure the photos are unique but also means you can add the photobooth to any sort of party – include seasonal messages for your Christmas party at the office or add sunshine rays for your summer birthday party!


5. You can include more props


Now, while the Mirror Me Photobooth has these digital features to personalize your photos, you can do more. It is possible to include photobooth props guests can use in the photo and make it even more personalized. This can include funny glasses, signs about the big event and so on – there are tons of options to make the photobooth experience a bit more special.


6. It’s affordable fun


Finally, we have to talk about money – budgeting is often the key to any party. You don’t want to spend a fortune adding entertainment for your guests and for this reason a Mirror Me Photobooth is a great pick. You can hire a photobooth in Hudson Valley for fraction of the cost of a professional photographer. Yet, you still have lots of fun and quality photos!


If you are planning a party, there is no reason you shouldn’t include a Mirror Me Photobooth to your party. It’s a lot of fun, it’s easy to find and you won’t spend a fortune hiring a photobooth.


What do you think? If you could add a Mirror Me Photobooth to a party, what occasion would it be? Let us know in the comments below!

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