How to Create Easter Wedding Photo Booth

Adding a festive photo booth to your wedding is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday on your wedding day. You can incorporate this festive spring event to your day of love and companionship with a photo booth. Here’s how to create the perfect Easter wedding photo booth experience for your guests to enjoy!


Choose the Right Easter Wedding Photo Booth

An open photo booth with a creative backdrop is the best option for a modern wedding. You could pick the Magic Mirror Photo Booth that allows you to place the photo booth at the center of the wedding reception. This way you can ensure people use the photo booth as much as possible!


The great thing about a digital photo booth like the Magic Mirror is that it can be used to play with the images instantly. Your wedding guests could add messages or Easter inspired pictures to the photos. What’s even better is that you can share your photos on social media, using your wedding hashtags!


Go with Easter Inspired Backdrop

Easter wedding photo booth

Your backdrop will be the best way to instill some Easter wedding flair to your photo booth. You have a few options here. First, you could pick a green screen that allows you to digitally set any kind of background to the photos as you want. Since bright green is in itself a color associated with this holiday, this would work well.


You could, of course, also choose a ready-made backdrop with a festive theme. Beautiful pastel colors with Easter eggs hanging from the frame would look perfect and help you create the perfect Easter wedding photo booth.


Play with Easter Themed Props

Easter wedding photo booth

You can further the magical festive theme for your wedding photo booth with props. Think of things like fluffy bunny ears, giant Easter eggs to hold and colorful pompoms to wave about. These props will add a bit of fun to your Easter wedding photo booth and ensure the guests’ photo booth experience is interactive and engaging.


You can also find plenty of printable cutouts online. These are an affordable and easy way to prop up your wedding photo booth. Just remember to use quality paper to ensure your printouts don’t look cheap and flimsy!


Creating the Perfect Easter Wedding Photo Booth

Easter wedding photo booth

With the above tips, you can create the perfect wedding photo booth with an Easter-y theme for your big day. Having an Easter inspired photo booth is a simple way to celebrate this holiday without it necessarily taking over your whole wedding.


While it’s possible to create a beautiful DIY photo booth, you might want to invest in hiring one instead. This guarantees you get good value for your money and a professional photo booth that’ll entertain the guests. Talk to your North Caroline wedding photo booth provider and learn more about the different options available for you!


So, what do you think? How would you create your wedding photo booth this Easter?

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