How to Make the Most Out of Your Wedding Photo Booth Experience

Wedding photo booths continue to be popular wedding entertainment among North Carolina couples. But how can you make the most out of the photo booth experience?


It’s important to consider all the small details when it comes to your wedding entertainment. With photo booths, it’s these tiny details that help make the experience a lot more fun for guests. Here are simple and effective ways to make sure you get the most out of your wedding photo booth.


Place Your Photo Booth in a Central Location

You don’t want to hire a photo booth and then just dump it into a dark corner of the wedding venue. Make the wedding booth part of the venue and its décor by placing it in a central location. One of the best places is to have it close to the dance floor. If you’re having a summer wedding with an outdoor area, then have your photo booth close to the venue exit or entrance!


Pick an Open Booth for a Better Photo Booth Experience

open booth photo booth

Open photo booths are becoming increasingly popular and this isn’t a big surprise. The photo booth experience with open booths is much more inviting, engaging and entertaining. It makes taking photos a more communal and joyful experience.


Showcase Photos Immediately

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Don’t just let people snap photos in private but get everyone sharing. You can do this through social media, with the help of personal wedding hashtags. But you can also have a big photo wall – either a digital or print format – where people add their photo booth photos. Place it somewhere where guests gather; for example, right next to the bar or even the bathroom stalls! This gives everyone something fun to look at while queuing.


Include the Photos to Your Wedding Album

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One of the most important things to do in terms of maximizing your photo booth experience is to take advantage of the photos after your wedding day. So don’t just consider photo booths as wedding day entertainment but a long lasting memory of your big day. Any snaps you and your guests take would make great additions to your wedding album – it can add a lot of laughter to your memories!


Gift the Photos to Your Wedding Guests

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While your guests are likely to print the photos they take at the reception and even post them on social media, you can also surprise them later with the snaps. Print out your favorite photos and send them with your ‘Thank You’ –cards as a thoughtful gift!


Boosting Your Wedding Photo Booth Experience


Photo booths always get the guests having a good time and with the above tips and tricks, you can guarantee your wedding guests enjoy taking photos. With these ideas, you and your guests won’t just have fun during the big day but also long after the party is over!


What do you think? Do you have special tricks to improve the wedding photo booth experience? Share us your ideas!

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