How to Keep Cool in Summer Photo Booth

Summer photo booth is a must-have for your seasonal party, whether you’re throwing a garden get-together or a summer wedding. But the weather can get quite hot in Hudson Valley and you don’t want your guests to get hot and bothered in the photo booth.


The solution is helping your guests to keep cool in your summer photo booth. We got the right tricks to do just that.


Keep it open

magic mirror photo booth

You might want to consider skipping the traditional, boxed photo booth for an opened model. Having to cram your guests into a hot and small booth won’t be pleasurable and an open model means the photo booth is airy and cool.


For example, the Magic Mirror Me Photo Booth looks just like a mirror and you can place it anywhere in your venue. Not only will it stay cooler, it’s also much more fun to use.


Add a handheld fan as a prop

summer photo booth

You can opt for props that help with the summer heat. Small handheld fans are a superb pick for a summer photo booth because they are so versatile. You can have them in your theme colors or even include a bespoke picture on the side of the fan. Just make sure you prepare extras in case people walk out of the photo booth with the fan!


Go back in time with a wind machine

If you want a bit more fun action, you can take the fan idea further. A small desk fan can be placed on top of your photo booth, blowing air directly at the guests. This acts like a wind machine and people can take fun photo resembling an 80s pop star!


Create a little splash

Now, if you’re organizing a garden party and you’re not afraid to have a little fun with the guests, you can take a step further. Adding small water guns to your summer photo booth is fun. Your guests can choose to splash each other or simply pose with these fun things. This is a definite winner among the kids!


Provide cover

If your summer photo booth is outdoors, you can keep guests cool in the booth by providing them cover. Of course, you could place the photo booth under a shade but you can also play with the idea as a prop. Small umbrellas are fun photo booth props that’ll also add a bit of cover from the sun. You could even hang them above the booth!


Treat guests to lemonade

summer photo booth

You could also make sure your guests are hydrated and cool by placing a lemonade stand right next to the summer photo booth. Guests can go snap a few photos and sip a cooling drink afterwards.


Make your summer photo booth cool and fun


With the above ideas, you can add a summer photo booth to your party and keep your guests entertained and cool! Don’t forget to check other fun summer photo booth ideas to make your party photo booth unique and fun.


What are some cool ways to stay chilled? Let us know your summer photo booth tricks!

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