How to Make Mom Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate your mother and her support. But moms deserve praise on other days too – especially on your wedding day. Bothof your moms will be an important part of this big day and you should give them extra thanks during the special day.


Here’s how to make your mom feel special on your wedding day.


Wear something borrowed

Your wedding day

When choosing your wedding outfit, consider borrowing something from your mother as an homage to her. This could be simple jewelry or another accessory, such as a scarf or belt. It will ensure your mom is with you throughout your wedding day.


Match her dress to yours


Talking about the wedding attire, you want to pay attention to what the moms are wearing. In fact, go shopping together with them and find something that beautifully matches either your wedding dress or the theme of your wedding day. This will make them feel more included.


Take special photos

Your wedding day

You’ll also want to take beautiful mother-daughter and mother-son photos. You should also snap a shot with your mother-in-law. Photos will be with you forever and you can gift your favorite photo to the mom the next mother’s day, for example.


A mother-daughter and mother-son dance


It’s traditional for the groom to dance with his mom but the bride could do it just as well. A parent-child dance is a beautiful moment for both and it rightly puts the spotlight on the real stars of the night. Your wedding DJ can recommend some great song ideas to make the dance extra special.


Display her old wedding photos

Your wedding day

You can add a beautiful memory lane to your wedding and have old wedding photos of your parents as wedding décor. Each table could feature a photo of your parents’ wedding – you can go even further with your grandparents’ photos. These can be part of the table décor or you could just have a gigantic photo wall of old photos – for example, right next to the wedding photo booth.


Let her rest the night in style


You want to make sure your wedding night is spent in a luxurious room but you could also pamper the moms. Book them a suit for the night so that they can put their feet up after your wedding day and have a good time.


Bring her with you – even in spirit

Your wedding day

If your mother has passed away, you can still include her to your big day. Have her photo with you, as a brooch on your wedding bouquet, or create a clutch from one of her old dresses. There are many ways to make your mom part of your wedding day even when she can’t physically be there.


Celebrating your mother on your wedding day


Your mom has played a big part in your life and there’s no reason she shouldn’t get plenty of attention on your wedding day. So celebrate the motherly love with the above ideas and you’ll make her feel special and loved.


How would you include your mother to your wedding day? Let us know!

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