Make Your Wedding Magical with Magic Mirror Photo Booth

You’ve booked your wedding venue, organized the catering and picked a wedding DJ to entertain your guests. You got your wedding planning under control. But is there still something that could add the extra bit of magic to your big day? There is and it comes in the form of the Magic Mirror Photo Booth.


Photo booths are super popular but many couples just add them to their wedding day as an after-thought. It’s often not as carefully selected as your wedding DJ, for instance. Too often, people pick what’s cheapest and think it’s good enough.


But it’s your big day! A once in a lifetime experience – and good quality doesn’t have to break your wedding budget!


Why choose the Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

magic mirror photo booth

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth has numerous advantages over DIY photo booths and other ready-to-hire models. Here’s what to expect if you decide to hire the booth:


High-quality photo booth. The Magic Mirror photo booth has a much higher quality design to some other photo booths out there. Its sturdy metal finish adds elegance to your room – it doesn’t look like a flimsy plastic booth. It doesn’t have any cheesy writing around it or weird effects hanging around. It can sit anywhere in the room and look like a designer mirror.


Social media connection. Your wedding guests will also find the Magic Mirror photo booth’s social media connectivity a charm. Guests are able to post their photos immediately on social media, using your wedding’s special hashtag.


Professional setup. When you hire the Magic Mirror photo booth, you don’t have to worry about setting your own photo booth with costly props and clunky setups. If you use the right Hudson Valley photo booth provider, you can expect everything to go smoothly. The photo booth will be installed for you and looked after.


Why does your wedding need a photo booth?

But you might still not be convinced. You might think the Magic Mirror photo booth sounds like an awesome idea but do you need a photo booth in the first place?


A photo booth can add a lot of magic to your wedding. When you place it right, it can be the entertainment hub of your big day – the big talking point and something everyone wants to try. The thing about photo booths is that they combine three major things we people enjoy:


  • They allow us to be social. You can take your friend and snap a few photos. You can do something with another person – and even share it online! While your dance floor might never be able to attract everyone to it (not everyone likes dancing), people of all ages and abilities can take part in the photo booth action.
  • They let us create memories. Photos are essential to us because they make memories. There won’t be anyone at your wedding who wouldn’t appreciate taking home a memory and a photo booth is a perfect vehicle to do that.
  • They make it easy to have a fun time. Weddings shouldn’t be an uptight event where everyone just sits at their table. We all love to laugh and be goofy. A photo booth allows you to do just that – you can use props, add backgrounds and messages to your photos and just have a good time.


So, if you are looking for a way to add a final touch of magic to your wedding day, please consider the Magic Mirror Photo Booth. You and your guests are going to love it!


Have you considered a photo booth at your wedding? Let us know!

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