Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Spring Wedding Must Haves

Spring is slowly but surely increasing its popularity as a wedding season. This isn’t a surprise – a spring wedding can be wonderful and whimsical! To create the perfect spring wedding, you’ll need to make sure to incorporate these amazing must-haves.

Pretty Pastels

spring wedding

While pastels colors might look slightly out of place during winter or autumn, they are perfect for a spring wedding. You could opt for pastel decorations or pick the wedding party’s outfits in lovely shades of pastel. Pastels offer plenty of choices as well from the cooler tones of blue to warmer shades of yellow and orange.

Scented Candles

You can enhance the spring feeling with scented candles. Choose perfect spring scents like lavender, hyacinths and cherry blossoms and you’ll fill your wedding venue with an elegant touch of spring. Candles also make beautiful and simple table décor so you’ll get that covered too! For a budget-friendly trick, just buy small scented tea candles and place them small glass jars – you could even pick colored jars for extra wow-factor.

Best Spring Songs

Your chosen North Carolina wedding DJ should fill the playlist with beautiful spring songs. We’ve written about our favorites before – you should include songs like Walking on Sunshine and It Might As Well Be Spring. Of course, there are plenty more to choose from!

Seasonal Flavors

Of course, a spring wedding must have seasonal produce. The good news is that spring offers plenty of exciting choices. At the start, you can pick a menu full of leafy greens, carrots and peas. When the season draws closer to summer, you should opt for melons and tomatoes. Citrus flavors are also a must-have for a spring wedding!

Interactive Entertainment

Your spring wedding should also have lots of fun and interactive entertainment. One of the best options is to hire a Magic Mirror Photo Booth. It allows you to set your own backgrounds, incorporate messages to the photos and as an open-air booth you can have it right at the center of the party! This ensures everyone gets to enjoy the entertainment and take lots of photos – you can even share them on social media!

Thoughtful Favors

You should also include some thoughtful wedding favors in the spirit of spring. For something playful, bug repellent with personalized labels would be a quirky gift to give. You can also prepare your wedding guests for the coming summer season and opt for flip-flops and customized bottle openers. Even a cute watering can, filled with seeds would work beautifully!

Creating the Perfect Spring Wedding

With the above spring wedding must-haves, you can create the perfect wedding during this magical season. Spring offers so many beautiful options in terms of colors, décor, flavors and flowers! You just have to pick your favorite and create the perfect day.

What are some of your favorite spring wedding must haves? Let us know!

Monday, March 18th, 2019

Wedding Photo Booth Rules – The Guide to Props

When it comes to wedding photo booth rules, what to do with your photo booth props is an important topic. Props can have a huge impact on the photo booth experience – great props add to the fun but bad ones can turn photos dull! So, what do you need to know about photo booth props?

Rule #1: Don’t Add Them Without a Reason

Most wedding photo booth rules revolve around the issue of purpose and reason. You shouldn’t add a photo booth to your wedding just for the sake of it but understand the benefits of having it – the entertainment value, for example! Similarly, you don’t want to just add props because you have a wedding photo booth. Each prop should have a purpose for being there.

Rule #2: Limit the Number of Props

Valentine's Day wedding

In addition to focusing on adding only props that add to the wedding photo booth experience, you also don’t want to just keep adding props. Even if you have props that are a good idea, you’ll still want to stick to having a maximum of ten props. Sometimes just three to five will be enough!

Rule #3: Follow a Theme

The best photo booth props always have a theme. This theme can be part of your overall wedding theme. For instance, if your wedding has a film theme, then the wedding photo booth props can be related to films – cardboard cutouts for guests to write favorite movie quotes or have a clapperboard with the wedding date written on it for guests to play with!

But your photo booth props can also have a unique theme. If your wedding falls near Easter or Halloween, you might want to celebrate the theme with your wedding photo booth props and stick to another theme for the main décor and so on. It’s possible and advisable to be playful with your props!

Rule #4: Ensure Prop Safety

hired photo booth

In terms of wedding photo booth rules, you want to keep everyone safe. So if you have child guests, make sure props are not something they can accidentally harm themselves with – for example, by putting things in the mouth and swallowing them. You want people to have fun with the items and not get hurt.

Rule #4: DIY When You Can

wedding photo booth rules

It’s a good idea to hire a wedding photo booth but you don’t necessarily have to buy the props. The internet has plenty of great wedding photo booth prop ideas that are DIY-friendly. This can help you save a lot of money so DIY whenever it’s convenient to do so.

Follow the Wedding Photo Booth Rules

The above wedding photo booth rules in terms of using prop will guarantee you photo booth success. Photo booths add a lot of entertainment to your wedding day and it can guarantee everyone leaves the party with a big smile and lots of fun memories! Good photo booth experience is created with a funky photo booth, like the Magic Mirror Photo Booth, but also the use of props. So take the above tips into account when you’re planning your wedding photo booth.

What do you think about the above wedding photo booth rules? What are your own favorite prop rules and ideas? Let us know in the comments!

Monday, March 11th, 2019

How to Have Budget Friendly Wedding Without Compromises

Getting married can be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be. Having a budget friendly wedding also doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice and compromise on everything. Here are the top rules on how to do just that!

Start with the Venue

Always start your wedding planning with the wedding venue. The venue is the biggest part of your cost and therefore, offers plenty of opportunities to save money. If you find a proper wedding venue early, you can save money and start planning for everything else.

Don’t Treat DIY as Magic Pill

DIY does not equal cheaper in all circumstances. What people tend to forget is the time you put in DIY and time is money. You can end up saving cold hard cash by trusting professionals. The big things you don’t want to DIY: your wedding music and food (unless you’re actually a professional yourself!).

Keep it Simple

Focusing on simple things doesn’t mean compromising. You can enjoy great barbecue food cheaper by keeping it simple – instead of having someone do it for you, get the guests grilling or opt only for a few quality types of meat. Instead of having a wedding photographer walk around the whole reception, just get a few pictures and hire a wedding photo booth for the rest of the night. There are many clever ways of keeping it simple and still enjoying the things you want!

Rent Instead of Buying

budget friendly wedding

You don’t have to spend a fortune buying everything you need for your wedding. If you want that lavish gown, think about renting it instead of buying. This can apply to your wedding décor as well – it helps you save time and money!

Focus on the Feeling

A good, non-compromising budget friendly wedding is also focused on the feeling of the wedding and not the appearance. Sure, having an individually carved ice sculpture on each table might look impressive but it doesn’t replace the feeling your wedding guests get with proper wedding DJ blasting out the right tunes. It’s important to focus on how your wedding will make you and your guests feel rather than superficial things like the look of your wedding table.

Break Any Rules You Want

You can do a budget friendly wedding by breaking the rules. If you keep focusing on things like buying a wedding dress from a wedding vendor or having a three-course meal for all the relatives, you will end up paying the price. But the truth is that wedding traditions and rules are there to be broken – so create just the kind of day you want!

Creating a Budget Friendly Wedding Requires Planning

The most important thing is to budget from the beginning. You want to make a detailed plan on how much you are able to and willing to spend on your wedding day. Then you can start thinking about the most important things to you! Often you’ll find things that you really don’t care about that much and slashing them off your wedding day won’t seem like a compromise after all.

What are your budget friendly wedding tricks? What would you never compromise on? Let us know!

Monday, February 25th, 2019

Wedding Etiquette: How to Divide the Cost?

Weddings can cost quite a bit of money. How to divide the cost without causing a scene or getting into debt? What is the wedding etiquette when it comes to paying your big day?

The traditional wedding etiquette around the cost of a wedding was quite clear: the financing was up to the bride’s family. This kind of logic was steeped in the old-fashioned way of thinking about weddings. Marriages were often business transaction and women were simply part of how families conducted business. Luckily, times have changed and the traditional wedding etiquette has been replaced in many regards, not least in terms of who pays for the wedding.

Modern Couples Pay for Their Own Wedding

It’s very commonplace these days to keep the families out of it and instead, the couples can choose to pay for the wedding themselves. Since the age of getting married is higher, most couples are already rather established career-wise and therefore, don’t find it difficult or odd to pay for it themselves. In some occasions, couples might even take out a small loan to avoid having to cover the full cost at once.

Parents Tend to Chip In

Your wedding day

Of course, having your children get married is a proud moment for the parents. The modern wedding etiquette is, therefore, very flexible and parents often chip in. This can be in terms of one set of parents covering things like the wedding DJ, whilst the other might pay for wedding photography. In addition, the bride’s family might help out to ensure their daughter gets the dream dress.

Furthermore, it’s a good and fair idea to ask for parents to cover some of the costs if they are taking a central role in the planning process. For example, if they insist on increasing the guest list then they should be willing to pay for some of this additional cost.

How to Talk About Money?

Labor Day weddings

In terms of avoiding conflict, the wedding etiquette is rather clear about one thing: talk about the money in advance and set a realistic budget! It’s important for couples to think about what they can actually afford and then reflect it in terms of what they need. This will also help in determining if you need to ask help from your parents. It’s also a good idea to have everyone at the table to talk about money.

Never Expect the Guests to Pay

popular spring wedding songs

Now, the wedding etiquette has shifted in terms of whether wedding guests should pay the bill. Whilst it’s common to ask for donations to a honeymoon fund, for example, you shouldn’t ask for guests to pay for the wedding. The exception to this rule is a situation where you are upfront about the exact cost and you make it clear you don’t mind if people decide not to come – you can’t force others to pay for your big day this way!

Be Smart with Your Spending

wedding photo booth cost

Above all, the modern wedding etiquette is so flexible and sensible when it comes to wedding costs. You should definitely approach the topic openly and realistically.

And don’t forget there are many clever ways to save. For example, swap your wedding photographer to a wedding photo booth, keep the guest list small, offer a smaller but tasty menu and opt for the DIY route when you can!

What are your thoughts on wedding etiquette and paying for the wedding? Let us know how you solved it or are thinking of solving it on your big day!