Photo Booth Backdrop Tips Worthy of a Gold Medal

Photo booth backdrop plays a crucial role in the success of your party entertainment. It helps guests capture beautiful photos and it can make the photo booth look a bit more fun and inviting.


With the Winter Olympics currently underway, it’s time to present you the ways to a gold medal winning photo booth backdrop. These tips will guarantee your photo booth looks inviting and offers guests with the opportunity to take funky photos.


Keep it simple


First things first, don’t try complicating the backdrop too much. It might seem like the backdrop is your canvas for crazy ideas but you don’t want the photo booth backdrop to distract from the real stars of the show: the guests taking photos!


While you could definitely opt or glitter, color and abstract patterns with your background, you don’t want it to stand out too much. Ensure the backdrop compliments the photos and keeps the guests at the heart of the photo.

photo booth backdrop

Style with the theme in mind


Whether you’re holding a birthday party or organizing a wedding, a photo booth is a great addition to your event. You’ll probably also plan your big day with a special theme in mind and you want to use this theme when designing the backdrop.


Let’s say you’re organizing a movie-themed party, which means your backdrop could mirror an old-fashioned theatre screen. If the party is all about a Hawaiian theme, then a backdrop with palm trees will look great. For Christmas, a Christmas tree or snowy forest scenes might add to the feel of the party. Add something of the larger theme to your photo booth backdrop to ensure it stands out and adds to your décor.

photo booth backdrop

Focus on quality


It’s possible to DIY your photo booth backdrop or you can rent one together with your photo booth. The key in both situations is to focus on high quality, as your backdrop might end up ruining the photos if it’s cheap and bad quality.


If you don’t feel like spending a lot of time creating your own backdrop, check with your Hudson Valley photo booth provider for options. You can often find stunning backdrops that fit different kinds of themes – with a green screen you could potentially create any type of background you want!

photo booth backdrop

Use it for framing


Your backdrop should also be used for guidance in terms of where to stand. It’s important to add a backdrop to act as a frame – your guests know exactly where to stand for the best photos. A larger backdrop with clear framing will also be inviting. It shows the guests wondering in the room that there is a photo booth available for entertainment – it can be a good way to catch people’s attention!

photo booth backdrop

With the above tips in mind, you can win a gold medal with your photo booth backdrop. Photo booths are such a fantastic idea for all sorts of parties and a well-thought backdrop adds an extra bit of magic to your booth!


Do you have any good photo booth backdrop tips? Share them with us!

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