Photo Booth Hashtags: How to Go Social

Photo booth hashtags are a wonderful way to encourage your guests to use the booth. The hashtag will make guests want to take more snaps to share on social media. So how to go social with your photo booth hashtags?


Whether you’re organizing a wedding or throwing a big birthday party, here are top tips for selecting the best hashtags.


Simple, fun and easy to remember

photo booth hashtags

Your photo booth hashtags must follow three rules. They need to be:


  • Simple – Don’t complicate things too much or create a hashtag that’s too long. Pick simple and short words that are easy to spell correctly.
  • Fun – The funnier your hashtag, the easier it’ll be to remember it. If you can come up with a relevant pun, then go ahead and use it.
  • Easy to remember – The above two will help with the third point, making your hashtags easy to remember even when guests are not looking at the signs. Long and irrelevant hashtags won’t stick to people’s minds.


You want to keep the hashtag relevant – if it’s for a wedding photo booth, pick something to do with your last names, loves or the wedding venue, for example.


Don’t pick words that make misspelling easy. Shorter words and words without two of the same letters close to each other work the best.


You can also include photo booth inspired words to your photo booth hashtag. For example, if you’re throwing a birthday party, your hashtag could be something like #lisasbooth.


For more ideas and inspiration, consider using a hashtag generator.


Share the hashtag before the party

photo booth hashtags

It’s a good idea to spread the word before your party. When sending invitations, mention the hashtag. This way, your guests can start talking about the event before it’s even happening! This will create the right amount of buzz on social media.


You can even start talking about your party preparations and give guests something to look forward to. When planning your photo booth props, post a picture on your social media accounts using the hashtag, for instance.


Make your photo booth hashtags visible

photo booth hashtags

It’s important to ensure your proposed hashtags are visible right next to the booth. You should always have a big photo booth sign to direct guests to your booth and right next to the sign, you want to have another sign mentioning the hashtags. This could be a printout in a beautiful frame, a chalkboard sign or something along those lines.


When your guests snap a photo, you want them to notice the hashtags immediately. New photo booths like the Magic Mirror photo booth allow social media sharing right after the photo is taken – seeing the hashtag right there will ensure your guests use it when sharing the photos online.


Promote the photo booth

magic mirror photo booth

Of course, you need to ensure people enjoy snapping photos in the first place. If your partygoers are not having fun at the party, they aren’t going to talk about it on social media – at least, not for the right reasons.


Promote your photo booth by ensuring you place it somewhere central and easy to see. If you’re having a party DJ, you can have the photo booth close to the dance floor – this gives people a lot of good tunes to dance to while snapping photos. You also want the Master of Ceremonies to promote the photo booth and mention the hashtag at regular intervals.


With these tips, you can create the perfect photo booth hashtags and get your guests active on social media.


What are some of the most memorable hashtags you’ve heard? Let us know!

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