Photo Booth Props Your Father Would Love

Photo booth props are the best way to add a bit of magic to your party photo booth. Since Father’s Day is just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at the props your father would love to see. These will be a lovely addition to your photo booth – whether you’re holding a big party for your father or just want to add a bit of magic to your wedding day photo booth.


A board to share your favorite dad jokes


Dads are famous for their jokes. To add that extra bit of fun to your photo booth, allow your guests to share their best dad jokes when snapping photos. All you need is a blackboard sign and chalk to write the joke.

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What makes this even funnier idea is to have the person hold the sign and read the joke just as the photos are taken! Others in the photo will laugh (or cringe!) and this creates plenty of fun photos.


Silly sunglasses


Just as dads love jokes, they also enjoy just goofing around. Simple photo booth props like silly sunglasses are often the best. You can have sunglasses with hearts, crazy colors, funny messages – there are all kinds of fun glasses to add. They are easy to find and your guests can use them if they want to add a bit of fun to the photos.

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Cutouts of different job hats


Fathers work so hard and you can celebrate this hard work by having little cutout hats as your photo booth props. You can have a miner, firefighter and police’s helmets. There are even cutouts for soldiers and captains.

You don’t just have to stick with hats either. Get cutouts such as tools for doctors, teachers, bankers and the like.


A special sign for your dad


You should also make your dad feel special with a specific photo booth prop just for him. If you’re going with a wedding photo booth, the sign could say “Father of the Bride” or “Father of the Groom”.

But you can have a sign for other occasions too. In fact, one fun way to include all the dads at your party is to have a big sign that says, “I love my dad”! Every daughter and son can use it when taking photos.


Digital photo booth props


Of course, the big party favorite is to have a digital photo booth. Hudson Valley’s photo booth providers have plenty of cool options, such as our Magic Mirror Me Photo Booth. This photo booth enables to use of digital photo booth props. You can theme your props around Father’s Day or just write or draw special messages to your dad. It’s a lovely way to show appreciation – and you can share it on social media!

So, if you want to add father-approved photo booth props to your big party, you should give these props a go. Your father and the rest of the party will love them!


What are some photo booth props your father would love? Let us know your ideas!

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