PRICE vs. VALUE When Choosing a Wedding DJ

When you’re planning your wedding, the cost of all the different elements can sometimes seem a bit shocking. For many, the cost of a wedding DJ can seem like a big cut to the wedding budget. So, is it worth to spend your money when choosing a wedding DJ or should you just find something cheap?


The answer essentially boils down to price vs. value. It’s important to understand that cheap doesn’t tend to equate with value and the saying “you get what you pay for” rings true in this case. Of course, an expensive wedding DJ doesn’t guarantee you always get a great service either. That’s why it’s important to focus on a good balance when choosing a wedding DJ.


The Cost of Hiring a Wedding DJ

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To understand why a good wedding DJ isn’t cheap you have to understand what goes into creating a great show. Wedding DJs don’t just turn up for a few hours and go home – a lot of planning goes on to ensure you have a good show.


The pricing of your wedding DJ is influenced by:


  • Time – as mentioned, it’s more than just the few hours they might play at the wedding, as creating a setlist and meeting you for consultation are all included in the final cost.
  • Equipment – professional DJ gear is not cheap and it needs to be occasionally replaced and repaired, all adding to the cost.
  • Music – yes, your DJ will have to pay for the rights to play the music!
  • Operational cost – running a business always costs from hiring accountants to basic office upkeep costs and your professional wedding DJ is doing this as a business, not a hobby.


As you can see, there are lots of things that influence the cost of the service. That’s why you need to always look deeper than just evaluating whether the price is high or low.


The key thing about the price of a wedding DJ is to understand the full cost upfront. You do not want to book a DJ that doesn’t detail the total cost upfront. You must understand exactly what you need to pay, including things like cancellation fees.


Focus the Value of Your Wedding DJ

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As mentioned, a higher price tag does not automatically equate to value. It’s important to understand the value of your wedding DJ. You don’t ever want to simply ask a wedding DJ about the cost but also ask the question of “what value will you bring to my big night?”


You want to find a DJ who will listen to you and your wishes regarding the music. A good DJ will not just ask you to give a setlist but they will give their input and help you find the right music for the right moments. If you feel like your DJ is listening to you and focused on figuring out what you want, then you are also getting value.


Value also means going the extra mile. A good, professional wedding DJ will always have ideas, suggestions and an open-minded attitude. They approach your wedding with care and attention.


The Bottom Line – Value Is Worth the Cost

The reason why it’s important to focus on the balance between value and price is down to the impact a good wedding DJ has. Everyone will remember the music when it’s bad. Music sets the tone for the night and it impacts the mood. A bad song at an important moment can ruin the fun for everyone.


A good wedding DJ will bring value by ensuring your night is pleasant and memorable. You’ll be guaranteed the night is smooth, people are enjoying themselves on the dance floor and the songs you hear capture the beautiful moments of this special day.


At Platinum Party Events we take this seriously. We always want to ensure that you’re happy with our prices and that you understand the value a good DJ can bring to your wedding. So don’t hesitate to contact us – let’s talk about how we can make your wedding day just a bit more special!

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