Summer Photo Booth Must-Haves

Summer is the best season for parties. It’s famous for being one of the most popular wedding seasons, it hosts graduation parties, and families love to get together for barbecue and drinks – there is never a bad time for a party when it comes to summer.


When throwing a summer party, you will need entertainment to keep the guests as happy as the weather outside. Having a photo booth at your party is a great idea and it’ll add plenty of fun to your summer wedding or garden party. So, how to create the perfect summer photo booth? Here are the must-haves for your photo booth.


A bright and fun background

photo booth backdrop

Your summer photo booth needs to have a bright and fun background. The background could be a wall of metallic shine or a wall of summer flowers. You could also use a green screen to create the perfect beach background even if your summer party is not quite as lucky with the weather and location.


Confetti balloons

summer photo booth

You’ll also want to decorate your summer photo booth with confetti balloons. The clear balloons are filled with confetti and when you throw them around it looks fun, adding a bit of action to taking photos. You can also add a small pin next to the booth to allow the guests to pop a balloon for some confetti action!


A flower crown

summer photo booth

Your summer photo booth also needs flowers. The best flower-inspired prop is definitely a flower crown, which the guest can play with when taking photos. You should make a few flower crowns, preferably with wild flowers. These will look pretty and add a bit more fun to your photo booth.


A cooling prop

summer photo booth

Now, summer parties can get heated and Hudson Valley’s weather can offer plenty of sunshine and warmth. Make your summer photo booth the go-to place in the party by allowing your guests to use it for cooling! This means including beautiful handheld fans as a prop or even adding a wind machine right next to the booth. Not only are guests allowed to cool down, they’ll also have a lot more fun snapping the photos.


Quirky sunglasses

summer photo booth

For a super easy and fun summer photo booth prop, all you need is some humorous sunglasses. You can find them online and add a few different options to your party photo booth. Guests can goof around with the glasses and take entertaining, summer-themed photos.


A summer hashtag

photo booth hashtags

You should opt for a modern, digital photo booth that allows the guests to post the photos on social media. For this, you also need a party-themed, summer hashtag for the guests to use. Print out the hashtag and encourage guests to use it when they visit your summer photo booth!


Creating the perfect summer photo booth


With the above things, your summer photo booth is going to be a lot of fun! So, pick up these ideas and throw the best summer party ever.


What are your favorite summer photo booth must-haves? Let us know in the comments below!

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