Summer Wedding Must-Haves for North Carolina Wedding

North Carolina summers are magical. They offer the perfect time for a lovely outdoor summer wedding. However, they can also be hot, thundery and sometimes way too mosquito-y! That’s why we’ve devised a list of the summer wedding must-haves your North Carolina wedding should have to guarantee everyone has a good time.


#1: A Plan B

summer wedding must-haves

The most obvious summer wedding must-have for an outdoor North Carolina wedding is to have a plan B. You have to prepare for the weather. This means getting a marque or other type of cover sorted out. You also have to prepare to host your guests in another indoor area if it all gets very stormy. So make contingency plans for storms. Keep an eye on the weather updates and prepare for the first if it looks like it. It might be that you have to reschedule parts of your wedding reception or cut it short in case of a thunderstorm.


#2: Sweet Summer Survival Packs

summer wedding must-haves

You should provide your guests with small summer survival packs. These can be tiny inexpensive pouches that are filled with things that can make hot summer days more bearable. Good items to include to your package would be an empty water bottle (perhaps with your wedding day and initials engraved into it!), bug repellant, lip balm and a small bottle of sunscreen.


#3: Enough Hydration

summer party mistakes

And we’re not talking about the champagne here! In fact, you should ensure there’s plenty of water around because hot North Carolina weather combined with a few drinks can leave a lot of people dehydrated. Have water fountains around your wedding venue with cute cups for people to drink it up. It’s also a good idea to ask your wedding DJ to remind people to drink up every once in a while. We even have tips for keeping your guests cool at the photo booth!


#4: Relaxed Entertainment

north carolina photo booth

Summer wedding must-haves should be all about making your wedding guests comfortable. When the North Carolina wedding is showing its finest, you need to ensure your guests are relaxed and with the right entertainment, this is easy. Classic summer entertainment is to have a wedding photo booth. In the summer, you want to opt for an open photo booth to avoid guests from having to cram into a small booth. Place it next to the dance floor and you’ll end up with lots of happy guests with great memories!


#5: Lots of Outdoor Lights

summer wedding must-haves

While the sun will, hopefully, be scorching down on you during the day, the nights can get dark. Make sure all outside spaces have enough lights to avoid your guests having to wander around in the darkness. String lights, LED-candles and real candles are inexpensive and fun.


Summer Wedding Must-Haves for the Perfect Wedding Day


So, make sure to include the above summer wedding must-haves to your wedding planning process and you’re guaranteed to have a successful summer wedding. Our beautiful North Carolina is full of fantastic wedding venues that’ll help you create the perfect summer wedding.


Do you have your own summer wedding must-haves? Let us know!

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