Wedding Entertainment: 4 COVID-19 Friendly Wedding Ideas

Your Mooresville wedding might look a bit different during the coronavirus pandemic. There are restrictions you need to follow to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. But there are ways to guarantee you still have a wonderful wedding day despite the restrictions.


When it comes to wedding entertainment, you need to be creative and clever. You want to ensure people maintain social distancing and that you don’t bring too many entertainers to your wedding venue.


We got a few COVID-19 friendly wedding ideas to get you started. You can take inspiration from these ideas and enjoy fantastic North Carolina wedding entertainment!


1. Organize a Bingo Event

You could hold up a fun bingo event at your wedding. Instead of traditional numbers, your bingo could be filled with words describing marriage and love. Bingo means guests won’t have to walk around the venue but get to have fun sitting down. You can also involve any guests who might be following via videolink to participate in the fun!


2. Hire a Tarot Card Reader


Hiring a tarot card reader can be a fun idea. You don’t need to get into close contact with tarot card reading, since it can be done at a distance and the reader can be wearing a mask as well. Guests could have individual reading sessions, especially since you probably won’t have a huge guest list to go through. There are lots of good North Carolina tarot card readers out there and it’s all a bit of harmless fun!


4. Add an Open-Air Photo Booth


You’ll want to have photos of your big day and instead of opting for a closed photo booth, hire a wedding photo booth that’s open-air. The magic mirror photo booth can be placed outdoors or in a big open space. Guests don’t have to be in a small photo booth. You can also skip the usual props and instead add digital elements to your photos. This is much safer way to have a bit of fun. You can even share the photos immediately on social media, ensuring those who couldn’t attend the wedding still get to be part of the fun!


5. Book a Mooresville Wedding DJ

first dance song

Of course, you could still have a proper Mooresville wedding DJ at your socially distanced wedding. A wedding DJ is a great option because you do not have to worry about a full band showing up. A “one man band” is all you need. The DJ can set his equipment away from the guests and even play at an outdoor setting with ease!


The Best of Mooresville’s Wedding Entertainment


Draw inspiration from the above ideas for your socially distanced wedding. The times are tough right not and your big day might not look exactly as you hoped for. But you can still enjoy the moment and have these wonderful wedding entertainment options to put a smile on your wedding guests’ faces.


What do you think is the best wedding entertainment idea? Share us your COVID-19 friendly wedding ideas in the comments below!

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