Fun Wedding Games for a Spring Wedding

Wedding games are a fantastic way to add a bit of fun to your wedding reception. If you’re planning for a spring wedding, here are a few game ideas that’ll add ‘spring’ to your big day!


Scavenger Hunt

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You should think about organizing a scavenger hunt for your wedding guests. If your spring wedding is close to Easter, this could be an Easter hunt. Simply hide some eggs around the wedding venue and the one who finds the most eggs gets a prize.


Musical Chairs

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Ask your North Carolina wedding DJ to help you organize musical chairs. This is one of the best wedding games because it’s fun to watch! You’ll round up chairs and play music with guests scrambling for a seat as the music stops. You can’t have everyone playing at the same time but you could divide wedding guests into groups – for example, the aunts, the uncles, the cousins and so on.


A Photo Booth Challenge

If you’re hiring a wedding photo booth for your reception – and why wouldn’t you, as they are super fun! – you could make it more entertaining with a photo booth challenge. This could be something simple like taking a photo with a specific pose, with guests displaying the photos on a ‘photo wall’ and you picking out a winner at the end of the night.


Ring Toss

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Since spring weddings might allow you to enjoy some time outdoors, you could organize a few lawn games. Ring toss is a fun and simple wedding game. In fact, you could even use it to seat your guests – the person (or couple/family) will sit in the table number the ring lands!


Word Search

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Weddings can involve quite a bit of standing and waiting. So entertain your guests with mini word search games. You can find them online or make your own, print them on a lovely piece of paper and hand out to guests prior to the wedding ceremony or when they are waiting for you to join the reception.


Dart Painting

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If you have an outdoor area available for wedding games, use it to create a dart-painting stall. Fill little balloons with paint and then guests will throw darts at the board. The balloons will splash on the backboard, creating a lovely artwork without anyone messing up their gowns!


Choosing the Right Wedding Games


When it comes to adding wedding games, you want to remember a few things. It’s important to pick games while:


  • Being mindful of the feel of your wedding reception – does the game fit with the overall theme?
  • Ensuring everyone can get involved – do you have enough games that are for everyone and not just a selected number of guests?
  • Planning the timing well – think about the length of the chosen games and where you’d like to schedule them early enough.


You don’t want your wedding games to be just an afterthought but part of your planning. So, pick your favorite and create the funniest wedding reception for your spring wedding!


What are your all-time favorite wedding games? Share your favorite ones with us!

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