Wedding Photo Booth Cost – Is it Worth It?

Finding the right balance with your wedding budget is the key to a successful wedding. You have to think about the different costs and prioritize your spending. Photo booths are a popular option for wedding entertainment; however, many people fear the wedding photo booth cost just isn’t worth it. But is it true? How is the wedding photo booth cost determined in the first place?


What does a wedding photo booth cost entail?

wedding photo booth cost

When you’re hiring a photo booth for your wedding, you’re not just looking for the booth. All Hudson Valley wedding photo booth providers have a range of packages available – not to mention how the photo booths can be different.


First, photo booths come in many shapes and sizes. Enclosed booths tend to cost more because they are harder to transfer and set up. An open booth option can be a cheaper alternative – not to mention how they can fit even the smallest of wedding venues.


Your photo booth cost is also depended on the length of hire. Shorter time is not always the cheapest so you want to think carefully about how long you’d like the photo booth to be there to entertain.


It’s also possible to negotiate the price if you’re hiring a wedding service provider that offers other services aside from the photo booth. With us here at Platinum DJ & Photobooth, you could opt for a wedding DJ and a photo booth, saving money with your entertainment.


Keep in mind the added extras

wedding photo booth cost

Now, you will also be able to control the price by looking at the extras. For example, you can choose to have digital only photos or opt for printed photos with higher cost. If you want, you can add things like scrapbooks and backgrounds – a green screen is a popular option for customizing your photos.


Of course, you could also opt for additional props. However, this can be a good area for saving. DIY props are easy to make and if you pick a digital photo booth, guests can often add their own texts and props digitally to the photos!


With the above in mind, most photo booth packages can start from as low as $600 and climb up to anything above $1,000.


Always check for actual quotes

wedding tasks

When it comes to considering your wedding photo booth cost, the key is to talk to the service provider. Check for the different packages available and check for possible offers. While most service providers offer cost calculations on their website, you should always check for the actual cost depending on your needs directly with the photo booth company. This ensures you know exactly what you’re getting with your money.


The bottom line: is the wedding photo booth cost worth it?

affordable wedding entertainment

So, is it all worth it? You have to consider your wedding budget and what you want for your wedding. In terms of entertainment, photo booths really add to the party. Photos provide everyone with memories and everyone loves the silliness of photo booths – the booths are a fantastic entertainment for young and the old. You do get a lot of laughter and beautiful memories with a photo booth but ultimately, you need to figure out whether it’s the right thing for you!


What do you think about wedding photo booths? Do you love them or loathe them? Let us know!

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