Wedding Photo Booth Rules – The Guide to Backgrounds

A wedding photo booth can add a lot of entertainment to your big day. But there are certain rules to follow to ensure your photo booth is a success. We’ve previously talked about the rules regarding photo booth props, but now it’s time to examine the rules regarding photo booth backgrounds.


Rule #1: The Right Option Depends on the Booth

Whatever is the best wedding photo booth background for you depends on the type of photo booth you’re using. North Carolina couples have lots of options, as there are plenty of good photo booth wedding vendors in the Lake Norma region.


If you’re opting for a traditional, closed booth, you already have a ‘background’ and you don’t really need to play with it. Closed photo booths tend to be rather small so adding stuff on the back wall can make it all look crowded.


On the other hand, a more popular option is to pick an open-air photo booth. The Magic Mirror Photo Booth is an example of an open-air booth and with these, you’d want to be a bit more playful with your backgrounds.


Rule #2: Keep It Simple

photo booth backdrop

Your background shouldn’t be the star of the show, so to speak. The focus should be more on the guests having fun and the props adding to this entertainment of the photo booth. The background, therefore, should focus on a simple look – nothing too attention-drawing or complicated. You want people in the photos to stand out and not the background.


Rule #3: Play with the Theme

photo booth backdrop

In terms of wedding photo booths, you should focus on the wedding theme. You can create specific entertainment and flair with your props but the background should go well with your overall wedding theme. This means having the background in your wedding theme colors, for example. If you’re having a spring-focused wedding, you could have a floral background and so on.


Rule #4: Take Advantage of Technology

photo booth backdrop

Now, one great way of following the rule of keeping it simple yet making the background playful is to use technology to your advantage. With modern photo booths, you can use green screen backgrounds. These allow the guests to add whatever background they want on the photos digitally! This is a simple yet fun solution to the photo booth background problem.


Rule #5: Set It Up Well

hired photo booth

Finally, it’s important to pay attention to how you place your background. You don’t want it crashing down in the middle of your wedding reception. Make sure you leave enough room between the booth and the background, testing how the background will look in photos. Secure any additional background properly to guarantee it says still – this is especially important if you have lots of kids as guests!


Choose Your Wedding Photo Booth Background Wisely


A well-chosen background can add cohesion and fun to your wedding photo booth. It doesn’t have to be anything too special – a simple framework that plays with your wider wedding theme will work wonders. And don’t forget to check our previous blog post for background ideas and tips!


We’d also love to hear your wedding photo booth background ideas!

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