Wedding Photo Booth Rules – The Guide to Props

When it comes to wedding photo booth rules, what to do with your photo booth props is an important topic. Props can have a huge impact on the photo booth experience – great props add to the fun but bad ones can turn photos dull! So, what do you need to know about photo booth props?

Rule #1: Don’t Add Them Without a Reason

Most wedding photo booth rules revolve around the issue of purpose and reason. You shouldn’t add a photo booth to your wedding just for the sake of it but understand the benefits of having it – the entertainment value, for example! Similarly, you don’t want to just add props because you have a wedding photo booth. Each prop should have a purpose for being there.

Rule #2: Limit the Number of Props

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In addition to focusing on adding only props that add to the wedding photo booth experience, you also don’t want to just keep adding props. Even if you have props that are a good idea, you’ll still want to stick to having a maximum of ten props. Sometimes just three to five will be enough!

Rule #3: Follow a Theme

The best photo booth props always have a theme. This theme can be part of your overall wedding theme. For instance, if your wedding has a film theme, then the wedding photo booth props can be related to films – cardboard cutouts for guests to write favorite movie quotes or have a clapperboard with the wedding date written on it for guests to play with!

But your photo booth props can also have a unique theme. If your wedding falls near Easter or Halloween, you might want to celebrate the theme with your wedding photo booth props and stick to another theme for the main décor and so on. It’s possible and advisable to be playful with your props!

Rule #4: Ensure Prop Safety

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In terms of wedding photo booth rules, you want to keep everyone safe. So if you have child guests, make sure props are not something they can accidentally harm themselves with – for example, by putting things in the mouth and swallowing them. You want people to have fun with the items and not get hurt.

Rule #4: DIY When You Can

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It’s a good idea to hire a wedding photo booth but you don’t necessarily have to buy the props. The internet has plenty of great wedding photo booth prop ideas that are DIY-friendly. This can help you save a lot of money so DIY whenever it’s convenient to do so.

Follow the Wedding Photo Booth Rules

The above wedding photo booth rules in terms of using prop will guarantee you photo booth success. Photo booths add a lot of entertainment to your wedding day and it can guarantee everyone leaves the party with a big smile and lots of fun memories! Good photo booth experience is created with a funky photo booth, like the Magic Mirror Photo Booth, but also the use of props. So take the above tips into account when you’re planning your wedding photo booth.

What do you think about the above wedding photo booth rules? What are your own favorite prop rules and ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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